Lundeen Park Shelter Reservations


If you’re ready for a mid-summer cook out by the water, the Lundeen Park shelter is the place to do it – but be sure to have it rented!

Lundeen Park is one of the hot spots in Lake Stevens. With swimming, a play area, plenty of room for Frisbee, and simply running around, it’s easy to see why. There’s also a fantastic sheltered picnic area complete with barbeque pits and power outlets that is available to rent.

Summer dates fill up fast, so be sure to get your gang together and submit your rental request.

Contact City Hall at 425-334-1012 for reservations. Once your slot is confirmed you will then need to sign the agreement and pay your rental fee. A sign will be posted on your scheduled day that the space is rented.

Picnic Shelter Fee Schedule – Fees Subject to Change

The maximum occupancy per side is 50.
Lundeen Park Group Size # of Shelters Rate
Single-Shelter Pricing 1-50 1
Double-Shelter Pricing 1-100
(patron requests both shelters)

Rules For Use Of The Shelter Facilities

  1. There is a $7 reservation fee included in the price of reservation. This fee is non-refundable. Changes / rescheduling requests must be received in writing at least 14 days prior to the arrival date. Changes depend upon availability of shelters. $35 NSF check fee.
  2. Permittee shall comply with City of Lake Stevens Park rules and regulations. If at any time any or all members of the group behave or conflict with any laws or park codes they will be asked to leave. Intoxicating liquor is strictly prohibited. RCW 66.44.100
  3. All trash will be placed in the receptacles provided adjacent to the shelter. No nails, staples, or tacks will be used in shelter or table wood. No water balloons, straw bales, egg tosses, or any other litter-producing games.
  4. Fires will be built in barbecue grills only. No gathering of firewood from park grounds permitted. No personal charcoal grills allowed. No cooking devices are allowed on table tops. Special cooking units for the purpose of barbecuing or if a caterer is being used for large groups please contact Park Reservations at Lake Stevens City Hall (425) 334-1012 for authorization prior to reservation.
  5. Entertainment equipment such as inflatable play structures, dunk tanks, and sound systems are not allowed. Easter egg hunts or similar activities must have prior authorization by the City of Lake Stevens.
  6. Permittee shall maintain control of the group. The area shall be kept clean at all times and upon termination shall be left in a condition as found before the event.
  7. Reservations are for the shelter use only. No reservations for parking or additional picnic tables. Permittee may bring additional camp tables or card tables if they wish.
  8. If your event is not by invitation only and will be open to the public or is advertised, then liability insurance will be required.
  9. Reservations will not be accepted more than one year in advance.