Parks & Recreation

Vision Statement:

The City of Lake Stevens provides high-quality, well-maintained, safe, and sustainable parks, trails, open spaces, and water access inclusive to all.   We support equitable recreational opportunities, varied park amenities, and access to public art to enhance the quality of life, the physical and mental well-being of our residents and visitors that promote cultural connections. We promote diverse, innovative programs, events, and festivals that enrich, educate and enliven our community. We support the economic vitality of lake Stevens as a regional destination. 

Mission Statement:

The Parks Division's mission is to:

  • Advise the City of Lake Stevens on priorities for the acquisition, development, and maintenance of parks and open spaces considering community preferences, inclusivity, adopted levels of service, financial capability, and regional strategies. 
  • Provide recommendations on municipal codes, policies, and methods that emphasize conservation, equity, and economic development in parks and recreation matters. 
  • Support events and festivals that promote responsible recreation, and inclusive cultural connections, foster partnerships, and community pride, and attract visitors.

Lake Stevens offers a variety of wonderful parks and facilities to enjoy, with more being planned. There are nearly 195 acres of parks, trails, and open space within or adjacent to the city available to Lake Stevens residents and visitors.

The Current Park Plan lists all the proposed ideas to date which will provide numerous more options for you and your family to enjoy the incredible environment Lake Stevens has to offer. 

Sunset Beach Park Redevelopment

Sunset Beach Park was transferred to the City from Snohomish County in August 2021.  After an initial assessment of the site was completed, the City hired a consultant to develop a draft design taking into consideration existing site features.  

Based on the City’s adopted level of service and identified site concerns, certain elements emerged as priorities: safety repairs to the dock, erosion along the shoreline, parking issues, and overall accessibility.

Visit its redevelopment page for more information.

Park Locations

Below is a map highlighting the different parks in the City of Lake Stevens. The map is connected to our new online reservation portal. If the park has rentable facilities, the link that says "Rent a Facility Here", will be active.  

  • After clicking a link to reserve a facility from the map, you will be directed to CivicRec. 
  • You will need to create an account before reserving a facility. Follow the steps on the "Welcome! Start Here" tab inside CivicRec to create an account. 
  • To view more information on a park, follow the "Park Website" link to learn what amenities are offered.

Parks Inventory

City Parks & Recreation FacilitiesCounty Parks & Recreation Facilities

Other Recreational Opportunities

Reserve a Facility

City facilities are available for rent; if you are interested, please visit our online reservation software CivicRec.

To keep your parks beautiful and open regularly, we all need to work together. The Public Works staff maintains the parks, but as users of the park, we play a big role, too. Title 10 of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code contains the city’s regulations for parks and recreation facilities including parks, trails, open spaces, and water bodies.

There are two basic types of parks within the City: Community and Local. Community parks are those parks that are considered to be designations for the City residents and surrounding area. Local parks are those that are typically located within a specific development and service the surrounding residential area.

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