Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement is primarily responsible for enforcing the sections of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code ( that address public health and safety, as well as quality of life issues. These reports are often addressed and handled in conjunction with other city departments and/or local and state agencies.

When a report is filed, a Code Enforcement Officer will verify that there is a violation of Lake Stevens Municipal Code (LSMC). If so, Code Enforcement will work with the property owner and/or occupant to gain voluntary compliance through education and outreach. Failure to comply within the specified timeline may result in enforcement Chapter 17.20 ENFORCEMENT PROCESS ( As time allows, a Code Enforcement Officer may proactively address violations observed while on routine patrol.  

Click "Code Enforcement Form" below, to fill out a code enforcement form.

The Code Enforcement report can be submitted online here. You will need to create an account on our website before submitting. Please ensure the form is completed in its entirety including an accurate narrative of the reported violation(s). The report form may also be printed and mailed to:

 City of Lake Stevens Code Enforcement, PO Box 257, Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Nuisance Complaints - LSMC Chapter 9.60

  • Inoperable and/or junk vehicles - private property
  • Uncovered trash or abandoned materials
  • Conditions which, due to lack of maintenance or cleanliness, could potentially attract, harbor, or cause the infestation of pests is prohibited.
  • Landscape maintenance / Overgrown vegetation
  • Hours of Work allowed
  • Living in RV/Motorhome

Land Use - LSMC Chapter 14

  • Impervious Surface violations
  • Land Disturbance
  • Clearing/Grading without a permit
  • Critical area and Wetland violations
  • Shoreline Management violations
  • Setback requirements
  • Accessory Structure requirements
  • Sign violations
  • Building Permits required
  • Fences, Hedges, and Walls

Storm and Surface Water Management - LSMC Chapter 11

  • Prohibited/Allowable Conditional Discharges and Connections

* Any code enforcement-related questions may be referred to the Planning/Building Department, 425-622-9400 or

** Please call the Police non-emergency number:

(425) 407-3999, to report parking violations, noise, and animal complaints.

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