Lake Stevens Historical Museum

Lake Stevens Historical Museum Design Board_1-21-2021

The City of Lake Stevens is leading an effort to transform downtown Lake Stevens, the historic core of the city both geographically and culturally.   Adjacent to North Cove Park and the Mill, the City will construct a festival street named Mill Spur. 

This street will be the central location to host city festivals and open-air markets and will create frontage for a new retail block near Main Street and Mill Spur. The festival street provides frontage for the new Lake Stevens Historical Museum and the relocated Grimm House to maintain a cultural presence downtown. It will also include between 30 and 40 parking spots and bicycle parking.

As part of this expansion, the following components will occur:

  1. The City will fund and construct a new facility to house the Lake Stevens Historical Museum.  The museum will be responsible for internal improvements. 
  2. The construction of Mill Spur will start in early summer 2021 and include relocating the Lake Stevens Library and Grimm House. Construction dates are weather dependent and subject to change.  The new museum facility will be built upon funding availability.  
  3. City staff have been working with the Historical Society to relocate the Grimm House and design a new museum.  
    1. Design of the museum is underway; interior design construction depends on future funding through the Historical Society.   
    2. Part of the design process includes repurposing existing displays and adding new ones.
  4. As an interim step, the Historical Society’s collection will be stored at a secure city storage facility.
  5. As a historical building, the entire Grimm House will be moved west towards the lake and will reside near the site of the future museum.

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