North Cove Park/Downtown Lake Stevens Expansion

The City of Lake Stevens is leading an effort to transform downtown Lake Stevens, the historic core of the city both geographically and culturally. The downtown is at a point where redevelopment makes sense for the community and after many years of planning for this area, the City is seeking a fresh approach that will result in a specific plan that will give direction for development and that will attract investment in the downtown area.

The North Cove Park Expansion has three phases:

Phase I (completed): Includes The Mill on Lake Stevens, the relocated Lake Stevens Veterans Memorial, great lawn and splash pad.

Phase II (completed): Includes  an inclusive playground with a picnic shelter, observation deck and parking.

Phase III (in progress): Includes the construction of a festival street, a multi-use building, theLake Stevens Historical Museum, the relocated Grimm House, and temporary relocation of the Lake Stevens Library.

Development Near North Cove Park

The City approved the Downtown Lake Stevens Subarea Plan in July 2018 to revitalize the central city core, establish a community-gathering place for residents and visitors and achieve economic vitality as a regional draw.  The City has requested and received a letter of interest (LOI) from interested investors to purchase and develop a surplus city property, an approximate 18,450 square foot parcel that fronts Mill Spur and Main Street, at 1800 Main Street, near North Cove Park.  The deadline for accepting LOIs was February 9, 2021.

The City desires to see a mixed-use building with active first-floor tenants and residences above or a mix of office and residences. 

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Parcel C Mixed Use Building Rendering Collage