Public Works

You may have seen it on the Monopoly board, but what is it in real life?

Public works plays a major role in the function and operation of city services, including repairing traffic lights and signs, updating and managing stormwater collection systems and ponds, and maintaining roads and parks.  

The common areas serviced by Public Works include:

  • Parks maintenance
  • Pavement markings
  • Public structures
  • Roadways/Shoulders
  • Sidewalks/pathways
  • Snow response
  • Stormwater collection systems and ponds
  • Street signs
  • Traffic signals
Public Works Service Order
If you have a public works issue that you feel needs attention, please complete a public works service request

Snow and Ice Control Plan

The City of Lake Stevens has adopted a Snow and Ice Plan, which is directed by a designated incident commander.  This plan establishes priority routes and policies used during a snow and ice event. See below for a map of priority areas as designated by how each road is highlighted. 

Priority routes are based on street function, traffic volume, and importance to the welfare of the general community.  This route plan has 3 priority levels.  These priorities are established to help ensure that the city’s core arterial routes, needed for general circulation and emergency response, get priority attention.  If the City is able to clear and maintain priority routes, non-designated streets may be serviced. If you wish to make a request for services on a non-designated route, please call (425) 622-9444. Please call 911 for emergency and medical services only.

If you need to reach the Public Works department with a problem or question during business hours, please call (425) 622-9444. For Public Works emergencies after hours, please call 9-1-1