Requesting Public Records 

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The City of Lake Stevens strives to provide its citizens with an effective and accountable municipal government.  To reach this goal, the City is dedicated to providing citizens with access to public records in an efficient manner while still fulfilling legal requirements.

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a response within five business days.  If the public records you requested are readily available, you may receive the requested material at that time.  If your request is more complex or possibly contains confidential information, you will be informed when your request will be available.  See RCW 42.56, Public Records Act.

Please email/call the appropriate office for questions only; submit requests for public records through the NextRequest Portal (link above).

For Police Department Record Questions:

Police Records Division
1825 S Lake Stevens Road
Lake Stevens, WA  98258
Phone:  (425) 622-9401
Fax:  (425) 334-9842


For City Hall Record Questions (non-police)

City Clerk’s Office
1812 Main Street
PO Box 257
Lake Stevens, WA  98258
Phone:  (425) 622-9412
Fax:  (425) 622-9397



On Monday, March 14, 2022 City Hall re-opened to the public allowing in-person inspection of public records. While City Hall was closed to the public, the City had waived all fees associated with Public Records Act requests, in recognition of the fact that the public was unable to inspect records in-person. However, now that City Hall has re-opened, the City has begun to impose fees in accordance with the current fee schedule, as adopted in Resolution 2021-03, per our Public Records Policy. The fee schedule is listed below:

Ref: Resolution 2021-03

Schedule of Miscellaneous Fees and Fines


Fee or Fine ($)

Duplication of Public Records: (postage/delivery costs extra)

-        In-house Copying of City documents for the public.

-        In-house Copying of City documents to pdf when original document is not in electronic format.

-        Electronic files or attachments uploaded to e-mail, cloud-based data storage service or other means of electronic delivery.

-        Transmission of public records in an electronic format or for the use of agency equipment to send the records electronically.  The City shall take reasonable steps to provide the record in the most efficient manner available to the agency in its normal operations.

-        Digital storage media or device provided by the City, the actual cost of any container or envelope used to mail the copies to the requestor and the actual postage or delivery charge

-        In-House duplication of City documents to CD, such as

  • Comprehensive Plan, Lake Stevens Municipal Code Title 14,
  • Urban Design Standards, Engineering Design and Development Standards, etc.

-        Documents or CDs printed by outside vendor

-        Maps - Duplication of maps less than 11”X17”

-        Maps - Duplication of maps greater than 11”x17” and

-        Special requests for plotted maps, aerials, plans, etc. (each)

-        Audio recordings of meetings:

  • Duplicated by Staff
  • Duplicated by outside vendor

-        Color photos (cost to reproduce)

-        Certified copy of a public record

For all records duplication and/or transmission, first $5 cumulative waived



$1 extra for copy to CD

5¢ per each four electronic files or

attachments plus

10¢ per gigabyte

Actual Cost

Actual Cost

Actual cost to reproduce (minimum deposit required); requestor may arrange to pay outside vendor directly)


$1 per square foot for in-house printing or actual cost if sent out to reproduce


Actual cost to reproduce


$5 for 1st Page and $1 each after the 1st Page

Dishonored Check Fine (in payment of City services)


City of Lake Stevens Public Records Policy
RCW 42.56, Public Records Act