The Operations Division is commanded by the Deputy Chief, whose primary responsibility is to provide general management, direction, and control for the Operations Division. The Operations Division consists of a Division Commander who oversees all uniformed patrol officers as well as day-to-day operations of the Patrol unit.


The Patrol unit is the backbone of the Lake Stevens Police Department.  

Patrol squads are divided into four teams to cover the city 24 hours a day / 7 days per week.  Each team consists of a patrol sergeant who supervises four highly trained patrol officers that are adept at responding to emergencies and other calls for service.  The patrol sergeant additionally supervises the day-to-day patrol operations. Patrol officers provide the initial response to calls from the public and are responsible for the prevention of crime, enforcement of laws, the arrest of criminals, and the protection of life and property.  Patrol officers are also trained to provide basic medical treatment to injured persons prior to the arrival of fire/medical personnel. All patrol officers have received crisis intervention training so that they can more effectively respond to those who are in a mental health crisis. 

Community Interaction

Patrol operates on the community-policing model in which input from the community is vital to determining policing strategies. Patrol officers often attend community meetings and events to interact with residents to assist in addressing their concerns regarding law enforcement. Patrol is responsible for traffic and crowd control at all the major parades and events in the city. Patrol officers also monitor our city parks and open areas to reduce the problems routinely encountered during the warmer months, with the goal to reduce the problems of disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, drug activity, and thefts, to make our parks safe for family activities throughout the year.


In addition, Patrol works hand in hand with our partners throughout the region.  Patrol assists our local partners with extra officers during major events and the sharing of information regarding offenders and crime trends in the area.  The Lake Stevens Police Department also has dedicated patrol officers who are members of the Snohomish County Regional SWAT Team and Violent Offenders Task Force.  These teams are tasked with locating and taking into custody the most high-risk offenders.

Professional Excellence

The Lake Stevens Police Department made a commitment to the community to constantly review our training and procedures of how we respond to situations.  With this diligence and continuous improvement, our patrol supervisors and officers are some of the highest trained law enforcement professionals in the area.

Photo of LSPD Brooks, R.Commander

Commander Ron Brooks has served the City of Lake Stevens since 1984, beginning as a Reserve Officer. 

During his time with the department, Commander Brooks has served in many roles. He created the City’s Marine Patrol Unit, one of only 3 WA State Parks approved boating programs in Snohomish County. Commander Brooks also served as a School Resource Officer at the Lake Stevens High School and formed the department’s Traffic Unit to help address traffic enforcement issues throughout the City. Recently, he introduced the Lake Stevens Police Department to the use of drones for public safety and worked with local business owners to come together and financially support the department’s first Narcotics K-9 Unit. 

He was appointed as a Police Commander with the Lake Stevens Police Department in March of 2017. He currently directs the Patrol and Investigations Units. 

During his tenure as a Lake Stevens public servant, Commander Brooks has been awarded the Meritorious Service Award, American Red Cross Life Saving Award, Certificate of Merit, and Officer of the year. Commander Brooks holds instructor certifications in Firearms, Marine Law Enforcement, Defensive Tactics, and RADAR/LIDAR.   

Having lived in the Lake Stevens area his whole life Commander Brooks is fully committed to our city, and in working to strengthen police-community relationships, with one of his recent accomplishments being the development of the Lake Stevens Community Outreach Program that includes Snohomish County Social Services to connect homeless community members and others in crisis with appropriate resources.   Commander Brooks is a current member of the Lake Stevens Kiwanis and the Lake Stevens Historical Society.