Those of us who live or work in the area around Lake Stevens enjoy a terrific quality of life. Along with all of the benefits, however, come unique problems, especially with traffic.  None is more troubling than the elevated portion of US Highway 2 we call “the trestle.” It's been a traffic choke-point for years and is rapidly growing worse as our population increases. 

The US 2 trestle is the most important east-west connecting corridor in Snohomish County, and is a crucial route for commerce. Working together with stakeholders from all levels, we must move forward to develop safe and sustainable solutions.

The purpose of this webspace is to raise awareness of the problems created by the trestle, and serve as an online forum. To do that, we have posted stories of those who deal with the problems cause by the trestle everyday... from first responders, to business owners, to parents trying to get their kids to school. We will also provide updates from news outlets and other sources that might provide needed clarity on the issue. 

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Below are links and descriptions of the full, individual stories captured and edited for the "Living With The Trestle" video featured at the top of this webpage.

One Family's Routine: 

The Wright family is like thousands of others in Lake Stevens. Their daily routine is dictated in large part by traffic on the trestle.
Living with the Trestle: One Family's Routine

Fire and EMS Issues

Perhaps no line of work is more dependent on quickly getting from point A to point B than that of our first responders. That's why the traffic problems caused by the trestle are a major cause for concern for Fire and EMS in Lake Stevens and the surrounding area.
Living With The Trestle: Fire and EMS Issues

A Police Officer's Point of View:

Commander Jeff Beazizo both works and lives in Lake Stevens and offers a unique perspective on traffic issues caused by the US 2 trestle.
Living With The Trestle: A Police Officer's Point of View

School bus issues:

The traffic caused by backups related to the US 2 trestle are a unique problem for schools near the affected area. Delana Reeves is the Transportation Supervisor for the Lake Stevens and Granite Falls School Bus Co-op. She shares the facts and the resulting workarounds that have become necessary in order to get kids to school on time.
Living with the Trestle: School bus issues

The Building Boom

Darin Huseby grew up in this area and has seen the traffic problems on the trestle grow steadily worse. As an experienced builder, he knows that  population growth on the east side of the trestle is only adding to the crisis. In this video, he speaks frankly and factually about the challenges and opportunities we face in this region.
Living with the Trestle: The Building Boom

How Businesses Cope - Part 1

"SVR" is a division of Lake Stevens based Snohomish Valley Roofing and is especially dependent on the trestle to move its trucks to locations throughout their service area.
Living With The Trestle: How businesses cope - Part 1

How Businesses Cope - Part 2

Both for-profit and non-profit organizations require dependable highway infrastructure to provide their services. Lance Morehouse works in both worlds so he knows about the costs of gridlock on the US 2 trestle.
Living With The Trestle: How Businesses Cope Part 2

How Businesses Cope - Part 3

High skilled manufacturing is a major source of employment in our region and a key to sustainable future job growth. But with "just-in-time" processes as the norm, manufacturing requires dependable roadway infrastructure to be effective. As a result, the US 2 trestle is a particular challenge for Lake Stevens based Cobalt Enterprises
Living With The Trestle: How Businesses Cope Part 3

Economic Development Challenges

David Toyer grew up in Lake Stevens, so he has a both a personal and professional connection to the region. In his present work, however, he focuses specifically on economic development issues for cities. As such, he provides a unique perspective of the challenges we face as a result of the US 2 trestle and its problems.
Living With The Trestle: Economic Development Challenges