Reclaim Evidence

We know you have been through a tough time and want to do all we can to get your property back to you as soon as possible. Our evidence unit strives to return all property received to its rightful owner. We can only release items that are legal to possess. In most cases evidence is kept at least 60 days after the conclusion of a case; we try to return property to the victims of a crime as soon as we can. Appointments must be made in advance to pick up property held by us, even if it is only “safekeeping”. Appointment can be made by emailing or calling (425) 622-9401.

Items to Bring With You

  • Valid, personal, government issued photo identification;
  • Incident/Case/Report number; and
  • Any paperwork that was sent to you such as a notification card, letter, etc.

Having Another Person Retrieve Your Property

If you are having someone else pick up your property, you can either contact the evidence technician and request that person release the property to your designee or your designee must have a legal notarized statement from you authorizing him/her to pick up your items.