U Visa Certifications

In June 2018, the Washington state legislature passed into effect the Safety and Access for Immigrant Victims Act (RCW 7.98), regarding U visa certifications and T visa declarations.  Through this legislation, certifying agencies (identified as law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, administrative judges, hearing offices, or other authorities that have responsibility for the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity) to:

  • Designate a certifying official within their respective agency;
  • Respond to U and T visa certification requests within 90 days; unless the victim is in federal immigration removal proceedings in which the response is to be within 14 days
  • Develop a language access protocol;
  • Provide written documentation annually to the Department of Commerce Office of Crime Victim Advocacy (OCVA) regarding number of requested certifications, number of certifications signed, number of certifications denied, and number of certifications withdrawn;
  • Develop an outreach plan; and
  • Protect confidentiality of immigrant victims’ personal identifying information and information regarding citizenship or immigration status unless required to do so under federal law or court order or with written authorization from the victim.

For more information, please visit the Department of Commerce website: Safety and Access for Immigrant Victims - Washington State Department of Commerce

The Lake Stevens Police Department accepts requests for U visa certifications: