Subarea Planning

Our community enjoys a rich and unique history that continues to define who we are today. To preserve that quality of life and enhance Lake Stevens as a place to shop, play and stay, the city adopted subarea plans for the Lake Stevens Center, 20th Street SE Corridor, and Lake Stevens Downtown. The last and fourth growth area as identified in the City’s comprehensive plan, the Lake Stevens Industrial Center will be analyzed in fall 2022 and early 2023.  These plans will shape the long-term economic growth and residential development in these areas and are available for you to review, right here.
As part of this process, the City designated the subareas as planned action areas, which is an important tool to promote economic development. Planned action areas have received upfront environmental review allowing for an expedited permit review process.

In August 2022, the City began developing infrastructure and market analysis for the Lake Stevens Industrial Center.  For more information click on the project link below.
Below are the common documents in the subarea planning as well as zoning and land use maps for the subareas.

Note: Many of the documents on this page are large files and may take a while to load depending on the speed of your computer.

Common Documents

Subarea Land Use Regulations
Planned Action Process
Application Materials
Subarea Capital Facilities Plan
SEPA Addendum No. 1
SEPA Addendum No. 2

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  1. Lake Stevens Industrial Center
  2. Lake Stevens Center
  3. 20th Street SE Corridor
  4. Downtown Lake Stevens

The Lake Stevens Industrial Center (LSIC) is a recently formed and named approximately 280-acre area located in the northeast corner of the city.  The formation of the LSIC started with the planning of the Hartford Industrial area which was approximately 267 acres and zoned for General Industrial (GI) and Light Industrial (LI), which allow a wide range of industrial uses.  

Then in early 2021, the City annexed 66 acres commonly known as the Machias Industrial Area.  These two areas combined are now referred to as the Lake Stevens Industrial Center (LSIC) and covers approximately 280 acres.  

As shown below is the original Hartford Industrial area (Figure 1) and then the LSIC (Figure 2) after the annexation of the Machias Industrial Area. 

Figure 1 - Hartford Industrial Areafigure 1 Hartford Industrial Area

Figure 2 - Lake Stevens Industrial Centerfigure 2 Lake Stevens Industrial Center

Infrastructure and Environmental 

To move forward with the planning and development of this area, the City Council authorized staff to hire MACKENZIE and design partners, ECONorthwest, and the Riley Group to conduct an infrastructure and market analysis of the LSIC. 

The purpose of the infrastructure analysis is to assess existing conditions of the area such as critical areas along with sewer, stormwater, roads, and availability of high-speed internet capability to support industrial and commercial uses.  Specifically, the road network to and from the industrial area will be analyzed to understand existing conditions, structural deficiencies, and required upgrades to support the future growth and employment of the area at build-out.  An outcome of the LSIC infrastructure analysis will be a recommended phased infrastructure improvement plan/schedule with options for funding sources to assist and determine any need for expansion and infrastructure improvements. 

The purpose of the market analysis is to assess the regional and local economies to determine where the LSIC can complement the regional market.   As part of the market analysis, the City will meet with the property owners and community stakeholders to identify the highest and best uses for the LSIC and determine what the targeted market/uses for the area will be.

The City will use both the infrastructure and market analysis results and recommendations as a platform to use in diversifying this area as a local employment center and to assist owners with their goals in developing their properties and attracting appropriate industries. Development of LSIC will be integral in helping the City meet its employment growth targets.

A draft of the Executive Summary was published in the beginning of February for a brief overview and preview of the Lake Stevens Industrial Center analysis.  City staff and consultants met with the property owners during the month of March 2023 to solicit input on the draft plan, and held a work session with both City Council and Planning Commission.  In April and early May, the report was finalized.  

Final Report

Lake Stevens Industrial Lands Analysis

The city will be addressing the implementation of the LSIC in the 2024 Periodic Comprehensive Plan Update.