Current Planning 

If there is a new housing project or a new business planned, information about it can be found here- Planners review a variety of permits submitted to the city for development projects ranging from home remodels to major housing developments, commercial tenant improvements to new business construction. This division also reviews business licenses and special event permitting such as Aquafest.

For the annual report regarding City of Lake Stevens review time for Land Use applications, please click the link Staff Review Days for Land Use Applications During 2022.  It should be noted that the data in this report represents the reviews days for the entire application.  Applications may have multiple reviews due to several resubmittals by applicants.  

Public Notice

Development projects that require public notice are listed below:

Posted 12/8/2023LUA2023-0221 (Sewer Lift Station)
Posted 12/7/2023LUA2023-0161 (Mulvaney Rezone)
Posted 11/30/23LUA2023-0212 (Sno Isle Library)
Posted 11/22/2023LUA2023-0161 (Mulvaney Rezone)
Posted 11/20/2023LUA2023-0196 (Dawson Townhomes)
Posted 11/20/2023LUA2023-0171 (Hartford Crest Plat)
Posted 11/6/2023LUA2023-0176, -0177 (Village Concepts at Lake Stevens)